• Obtaining and maintaining your agency resident license

  • Obtaining and maintaining your non-resident organization licenses

  • Ensuring all your producers have up-to-date resident license 

  • Ensuring all your producers have the appropriate non-resident licenses

  • Performing insurance license renewals

  • Proactive 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day license compliance alerts

  • Tracking continuing education status

  • Establishing registered agent services

  • Handle filings with the Secretary of State in non-resident states

  • Handle annual report requirements
KnK can assist you with all your insurance licensing needs.

Insurance Licensing 

Is Your Insurance Agency Fully Compliant With All Insurance Licensing Requirements?

Are you aware of the many insurance licensing requirements necessary for a non-resident license? It’s not just as simple as completing an application and paying a fee, although most states will lead you to believe this is the case.  Do you have time to research whether a registered agent is required, whether you must file with the Secretary of State, or whether you need to register with the Department of Revenue?

The requirements to get an insurance license outside of your home state can take hours of research.  Although many states will give you a license for simply completing an application and paying a fee.  Most times there are many more steps required to be compliant with that state. 

Outsourcing your insurance license compliance to KnK will give you the peace of mind that your licenses are under control. Use of KnK's insurance licensing services can free up your staff to focus on core business opportunities.